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Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 driver description:

Publisher review:

- Stereoscopic 3D signal no longer remains on the Windows desktop after stopping playback of Blu-ray content through
- Intel Wireless Display or hot-plugging an Intel Wireless Display while playing Blu-ray content.
- Resolved issue where the display resolution could not be changed when using a dongle in Clone mode.
- System no longer hangs if using an embedded DisplayPort that supports panel self refresh.
- Resolved black screen or system crash seen after rebooting a system with switchable graphics.
- Resolved an Input Signal Out of Range error seen after selecting 1920x1080 resolution on some displays.
- Resolved application crash (TDR) that may be seen while playing Blu-ray content in Extended Desktop display mode and switching between full screen and windowed mode.
- Resolved issue where a black display may be seen after resuming from Standby mode.
- Resolved issue where some projectors could not be used with a mini-DisplayPort to VGA dongle.
- Resolved issue where some projectors could not be used with cables of various lengths.
- Fixed flickering and playback issues when using various video player applications.
- Display no longer hangs when transcoding content to removable media like SD card.
- Resolved issue where video output is missing content when transcoding certain video files.
- Fixed corruption issue when playing video on Intel WiDi in extended desktop mode.
System no longer crashes when transcoding multiple video clips simultaneously using Intel Quick Sync Video.
- When playing online video "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error no longer appears.
- Fixed corruption issues when playing Blu-ray content using Intel WiDi.
- Cyberlink's PowerDVD Player now exhibits proper behavior when the player is dragged during video playback.
- Fixed protected content playback issues for new Windows 8 Store video players like Netflix.

- Resolved Crysis game has stopped working issue.
- Doom 3 BFG game no longer fails to launch.
- League of Legends game no longer shows screen corruption.
- Worms Revolution game no longer crashes when started.
- Worms Ultimate Mayhem no longer shows black patches in the game.
- Crysis 2 game now lists proper screen resolutions when played on Windows 8.
- Fixed a DirectX 11.1 bug to support the upcoming Civilization 5 touch version.
- Fixed an issue where Krater game screen flashes and game hangs after a few minutes of game play.
- Resolved corruption issue when running some OpenGL programs in full screen mode.
- Fixed minor artifacts seen in the following games and benchmarks:3DMark 06, 3DMark 11, Brink, BulletStorm, Call of Duty – Black Ops, Counter-Strike Sourceo Cut the Rope, Final Fantasy XIV, Fresh Paint, Krater, Lord of the Rings Online, SpyParty, Street Fighter IV, Stronghold Legends, Ticket to Ride
- Performance of the following games on Windows 8 are improved to match that of Windows 7: Battlefield 3, Lost Planet 2

- System no longer hangs when playing two video clips in Windows Media Player and Windows 8 Video app.
- Resolved issue where the cursor does not change color when moved over the Start menu’s Restart and Shutdown menu items.
- In some OpenGL applications, it no longer takes several seconds for the cursor icon to change.
- Resolved corruption seen on camera image when image stabilization is turned on and rotated 90 degrees.
- Resolved wrong version of the OpenGL file displayed when installing the driver.
- Resolved issue with some CAD applications where user tries to pick up parts under the cursor, but different parts are picked up.
- Resolved issue with rendering triangles seen with some sample OpenGL applications.
- “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” error no longer appears after pressing Fn+space keys several times.
- “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” error no longer appears after applying the zoom function repeatedly.
- Resolved issue where the laptop’s built-in display backlight may still be on after waking from Hibernate mode but only the External Display is selected.
- Resolved issue where some websites may show missing or incorrectly colored 3D effects.
- Resolved issue where display may flash for a moment after the system’s display automatically turn off (as configured in Windows) and then the system is awakened.
- Resolved issue where the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel may not open on touch panels with the DPI setting at 150%
- Resolved black screen that may be seen after closing and opening the lid issue while rebooting the system and before Windows loads.
- Resolved corrupted preview window after zooming issue and selection issue that may be seen with CAD applications.
- Resolved PerfX2 D2D test issue.
- Resolved black screen issue that may sometimes be seen after changing the display resolution.
- Resolved issue where system may hang with a black screen if the Intel graphics driver is installed more than once.
- Fixed corruption seen in Windows Reader Application when reading PDF file.
- Fixed an issue where audio was not properly sent to HDMI displays.
- System no longer crashes when accessing the "Monitor/TV Setting" in the Intel HD Graphics and Media Control panelwhen using a miniDisplayPort to HDMI dongle.
- Resolved multiple issues around brightness settings on various system configurations.
- Changing saturation levels no longer exhibits bluish tint.
- Optimal resolution is now recommended in Win8 when pressing "Win + P" key combination.? Display settings in Intel HD Graphics and Media Control Panel and Windows Display configuration page are now synchronized.
- Memory allocated for the graphics subsystem is now correctly displayed in the Intel HD Graphics and Media control panel.
- Display resolutions are restored properly when changing primary monitors after reverting from Stereo 3D video playback mode, etc.
- Media Color Enhancement page of the Intel HD Graphics and Media control panel does not turn blank when cancel button is pressed.
- Added support for positioning of screen in control panel when three displays are connected.
- Minor translation issues seen in French version of the driver are now fixed.
- Fixed an issue where the Windows context menu did not show the Intel Graphics and Media control panel under certain system configurations.
- Fixed a crash that was observed in some mobile systems when transitioning from AC mode to DC mode.
- Fixed a screen corruption that appeared when disabling the Intel display driver in the Windows Device Manager.
- Improvements added to the system resume time.

Do not forget to set a system restore point before installing Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 driver, to avoid problems that may occurs when you install a wrong driver, or for other OS version etc. If a problem occur than you may restore you computer to previous time, before installing the driver.

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